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The JUSAG QLAC Special Welfare Fund is a specialized provident fund created by JUSAG in partnership with Quality Life Assurance Company (QLAC) to provide flexible and enhanced retirement income and death benefits for members.

Who Qualifies to Join?
The product is opened to all employees of the Judicial Service of Ghana.

How much is the Monthly Premium?

The premium for the JUSAG/QLAC is 5% of the member's basic salary.

What are the Benefits of the JUSAG QLAC Special Welfare Fund?
1. Your contributions are invested in secure and high-yielding investments to secure you an enhanced retirement income.
2. There is an option for partial withdrawal where a member who has contributed for at least two years can make partial withdrawal every year.
3. There was a death benefit of Ghs 2,000.00 for members. However, JUSAG has worked with QLAC to increase the death benefit from Ghs 2,000.00 to Ghs 10,000.00.

How do I join the JUSAG/QLAC Special Welfare Fund?

Interested members of the Judicial Service can follow the following simple steps to join:
1. Download the membership from the JUSAG website.
2. Complete the form and add your Ghana Card, CAGD Mandate Number and OTP.
3. Submit your completed form to any JUSAG Regional Secretariat or National Secretariat for processing.

How Do I Make Partial Withdrawal?
1. Download and complete the Partial Withdrawal Form here.
2. Add a payslip and submit it to any JUSAG Regional or National Secretariat.
3. JUSAG adds a cover letter and submits it to QLAC for processing and payment.
4. Within two weeks, your cheque could be ready and JUSAG will call you to have it or get the amount cashed and paid to your account.

How Do I Liquidate My Investment?
Exiting employees are to follow the steps below to get their benefits:
1. Submit a copy of your retirement letter or acceptance of resignation letter or letter of termination of appointment together with your Ghana Card and payslip to the Regional or National Secretariat.
2. JUSAG adds a cover letter and submits it to QLAC for processing.
3. Your claims are processed and the cheque is presented for payment.

How Do I Contact the JUSAG/QLAC Special Welfare Fund?
For further information, visit the nearest QLAC office or JUSAG Regional or National Secretariat.

You can also call the QLAC Rep (Madam Serwa) on 0242515081 or the JUSAG Helpline on 0302631343 or 0240423100.