Vision, Mission & Values of JUSAG



To be a dynamic and inclusive organization that continuously advances the interests of its members, promotes justice, and contributes to the effective functioning of the judicial system in Ghana.


To advocate for and ensure the welfare, rights, and professional development of all staff within the Judicial Service of Ghana, fostering a conducive and harmonious working environment while upholding the integrity and values of the judiciary.

Core Values

  1. Integrity: Upholding honesty, transparency, and ethical conduct in all endeavors.
  2. Unity: Fostering solidarity and collaboration among staff members to achieve common goals.
  3. Advocacy: Championing the rights and interests of all staff within the Judicial Service.
  4. Professionalism: Striving for excellence and continuous improvement in the delivery of services.
  5. Accountability: Taking responsibility for actions and decisions, and being answerable to members and stakeholders.
  6. Respect: Valuing the dignity, diversity, and contributions of all individuals within the organization and the judicial community.
  7. Service: Commitment to serving the needs of members and promoting the efficient functioning of the Judicial Service for the benefit of society.