/ National Secretariat - NAS

The National Secretariat is created by the Constitution to serve the day-to-day operation and administration of the affairs of JUSAG. The Secretariat is headed by the General Secretary who is the Chief Administrator of JUSAG. The Secretariat also has permanent staff including Finance and Administrative Office, Accountant, Secretaries and a Driver who assist the General Secretary in the day-to-day affairs of the Association.

Other Committee
The National Secretariat and the NEB in consultation with NEC works with other committees towards promotion and protection of the economic welfare of staff. Some of the standing committees include:

The Welfare Committee:
The Welfare Committee is in-charge of implementation of welfare policies of JUSAG and also advises NEB on formulation and modification of welfare policies. Present welfare policies include the JUSAG End of Membership Benefit (EOMB) Policy, The Funeral Benefit and Funeral Booster Policy, the JUSAG QLAC Provident Fund, the JUSAG Heritage Cashback Policy, and many more.

Legal Support Service Committee:
The Legal Support Service Committees is made up lawyers and non-lawyers whose mandate is to provide legal support to members who are confronted with disciplinary issues. Section 38(b) of the 2012 Conditions of Service of the Judicial Service provides that every disciplinary committee shall have a representative of JUSAG. Members of the LSSC are regularly nominated to disciplinary committees. The committee also provides psychological counseling and reformation services to members who have suffered disciplinary sanctions. It also advises NEB on legal and other disciplinary matters.

Bus/Transport Service Committee:
JUSAG presently has two welfare buses serving Accra and Tamale, with plans to increase the pool to ten buses to serve all the regions. The transport committee is in charge of managing the welfare buses.

Finance and Development Commit:
The Finance and Development committee is chaired by the National Vice President. The committee is in charge of financial policy, budget, and related financial matters of the association. It is also in charge of planning, appraisal, monitoring and evaluation of projects of the Association.

Editorial Committee:
The Editorial Committee is responsible for management of the news, press releases, and the JUSAG News Magazine. The Committee also manages news items on the JUSAG website, and social media handles such as WhatsApp, Facebook, X, YouTube, and Instagram.