/ National Executive Board - NEB

The National Executive Board (NEB) is the third highest decision making body, in the absence of NEC. Members of the NEB serve as the Board of Directors or Governing Board of JUSAG. It is made up of the National President, National Vice President, General Secretary, Deputy General Secretary, National Treasurer, and the National Women’s Commissioner who are all elected by the Quadrennial Conference.

The NEB is in-charge of formulation of policies, programmes and activities. Major policies and decisions formulated by NEB are approved or ratified by the NEC. The NEB supervises the National Secretariat and reports quarterly to NEB about the activities of the association.

The NEB meets at least once every month. Its meetings are chaired by the National President with the General Secretary as the Board Secretary. The NEB is led by the National President who represents all staff at the Judicial Council which is the highest decision-making body of the Judiciary and the Judicial Service. The President also provides leadership during negotiation of salaries and related conditions of service for all employees of the Judicial Service.